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Water hydraulic arc motor/pump


Hydraulic power transmission with oil media is widely applied in the industrial applications such as plastic injection moulding, mining, offshore applications and food processing. The inevitable trends in the industry and legislation show very clearly that the oil in the hydraulics should be replaced with less pollutive media such as the most optimal alternative, pure water. The need of oil replacement in the industrial hydraulic systems can be derived from the fact that the industry and the society want to minimize the pollution, improve the overall productivity and minimize the safety risks on different levels of their activations. Technically simple water hydraulic components as valves, and cylinders are commercially available. More developed but still conservative items such as pumps and motors with limited performance are also available. However, the inferior output/weight ratio and performance specification compared to those of oil motors/pumps limits the utilization of the water hydraulics in the industrial applications. To promote the developing of environmentally friendly water hydraulic motors/pumps that meet the industrial needs a completely new design approach should be adopted. The traditional design principles bring along to the water applications severe technical limitations such as sealing and other material problems that are critical for the operation. The core group of companies will adopt a completely new innovative motor concept to become the basis of the new generation of water hydraulic motors/pumps. The innovative motor concept design principles minimize the number of moving parts and the undesirable forces in the systems thus making it the optimum starting point for the RTD -project. The optimal developing process of such a new concept requires scientific research capability of different but well integrated disciplines as well as financial resources that the individual SME-companies of this proposal do not possess. The research is primarily focused on the integration of water as a media into the new motor concept along with the research and evaluation of new material alternatives. The project is pre-competitive in nature and it will generate research data to facilitate the core group companies to start the planning of a completely new product range. The suggested RTD project aims at the designing and constructing an operating prototype scale motor / pump for the preliminary test phase carried out by the core group companies. The core group on companies consist of prominent European SME -companies that are specialized in the hydraulics and water hydraulics design, manufacturing and marketing in the global market The starting point of the project from the participants point of view is that the exploitation of the results will be immediate and well organised from the very beginning of its activation. The research resources needed will be provided by the world leading water hydraulic research organisation of Tampere University of Technology (TUT); The Institute of Hydraulics and Automation (IHA) with the university technology transfer company Tamlink Ltd.

Funding Scheme

CRS - Cooperative research contracts


Hauhinco Maschinenfabrik G. Hausherr,Jochums GmbH & Co. KG
45549 Sprockhövel

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Hytar Oy
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Systemhydraulikk A/S
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