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Flexible coil winding technology


The specific industrial objective of this cooperative research project is to design, develop and demonstrate a highly flexible, generic manufacturing technology related to the production of electrical coils of all types that offers significant productivity benefits over contemporary equipment supplied from, and used by, competitors outside the European Union. This will be achieved through the fulfilment of technical objectives relating to : - a cognitive, micro-mechanical, adaptive mechatronic coil winding head providing increased speed of production of coils of various types - better handling and more accurate placement of very flexible and finely insulated electrical wires using an on-line vision system giving better consistency and quality of machine output - simpler, faster, menu-driven machine set-up procedures enabling semi-skilled operators to quickly re-configure the cognitive winding head assembly to cater for the rapidly changing demand in coil varieties from coil users - higher levels of machine integration and functionality at lower capital and running cost - higher machine reliability with lower service and maintenance costs These objectives will be achieved by combining proven "state-of-the-art" vision systems technology with novel mechatronic actuation and wire handling methods to create (with further post-project development) a new, industrially exploitable technology applicable throughout the coil winding and other related manufacturing industries.

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