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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Concurrent engineering in a complex unique production process throu gh development of communication standards which will lead to a fully integrated industrial shipbuilding process


The shipbuilding industry is characterised by the production of unique complex products. The market demands shorter delivery times and even more specific unique products for the customers. In the shipbuilding process its the shipyard adds about 30% of the value. The other 70% of the value of the ship is added by a lot of subcontractors. In the building of a medium sized ship (3000 - 8000 DWT) an average of about 30 participants play a role in which each participant has its own communication standard. Of these 30 participants about 5 of them add about 80% of the value of the ship. These five main participants are the shipyard itself, the design & engineering company, the reffiting contractor, the mechanical contractor and the propulsion contractor. These main participants in the shipbuilding process are the core group SME'S in this project. The project has the objective to reduce: - the total throughput time of the design, engineering and building of an average medium sized ship with 3 months,t from 14 to 11 months in this industrial shipbuilding process - the total amount of manhours for erection and on-board outfitting for an average medium sized ship with 10.000 hours, from 40.000 to 30.000 manhours. and - the number of communication standards in the shipbuilding process from 5 to l. This project supports research task 2.2 as named in the Brite Euram workprogramme: Easy to use integrated tools are developed using available CAD and engineering functionalities to optimise and simplify analysis and the shipbuilding production process. Furthermore the sector-specific integration of computer aided tools concurrent design-approaches are enabled. This project also supports research task 3B.1 out of the Brite Euram workprogramme: the product model for the small and medium sized shipyards will be developed which can manipulate data with different levels of completeness, gives access to data to those who require it at the moment it is defined, and ensures overall coherence and consistency of information.

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