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Man machine interface for remote operation of civil works equipment

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The project aimed to design, integrate and validate in demonstration, a full scale, motorised, teleoperation - module for civil works machines. The teleoperator should re-construct the visual, auditive and dynamic conditions, as they would be perceived by the driver in the machine. The main issues covered were the following: 1. Design of highly robust, decentralised, fail safe data communication and control modules for use during the operation of electrohydraulic equipment. 2. Definition of cost effective solutions for stereo vision and dynamic environment simulation for the operator, through the development of proprietary solutions for Stewart platform mechanical design, actuation and control, as well as stereo vision hardware / software integration The results have been: 1. Interface "transparency" of operation from the user point of view: The equipment is operated with similar effort to the one needed to operate the excavator while seating inside the drivers cabin 2. The overall cost of the developed system on production is considered low enough to permit commercialisationrobenzoate