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Improvements in quality control and performance of retreaded tyres


The aims of the proposed research are better assessment of tyre casing integrity, the development of water-based tyre cements to replace solvent-based ones and the better prediction of the wear resistance of retreaded tyres At present instruments available for casing integrity inspection are expensive and are limited in use; water-based tyre cements are needed for a healthier factory environment; and there is no satisfactory abrasion tester that predicts actual tread wear resistance in service. There is a need for improved understanding and new quality control test methods. The principal research tasks are: (i) development of new test methods for assessing tyre casing integrity, both before and after retreading. (ii) adoption of water-based tyre cements. (iii) development of laboratory/factory abrasion testers for the prediction of tread wear. A successful outcome should benefit manufacturers of retreaded tyres and other industrial sectors concerned with transport safety recycling and the environment. Cost savings of 10% may be possible in a European market approaching retread sales of I bECU per annum, with further savings accruing to other related sectors.

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