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Online quality optimisation in carding


The annual turnover of the European spinning mills is approx. 7,5 billion ECU. The future of this sector lies in the field of fine and highest quality products. The card is the most important machine of spinning preparation and has the key function to achieve optimum yarn quality. With the exception of regulating sliver uniformity, there exists actually no on-line sensor system for the evaluation of the achieved product quality. The aim of this project is to develop a quality opimisation package for spinning mills. The key of this package is an on-line quality control device, which determines quickly and precisely all important quality parameters directly at the card. Actually there are more than 300 Spinning mills all over Europe. The majority are SME with a total of more than 75,000 employees. A typical spinning mill has over 20 cards with an output of 40 kg/h. Today, a waste content of 6% is taken into consideration. The portion of true trash is 2,5% only. This means that 3,5% of OK fibres are separated. During carding, now 65.000 t of OK fibres are lost annually as waste in Europe. This project will result in a reduction of loss of OK fibres and a clearly improved yarn quality: loss of OK fibres will be reduced by at least 25%, number of neps will be reduced by 10-20% and, fibre damage will be reduced by 10%. With the saving of only 1% by applying the new developed quality assurance concept, 19.200 t of fibre material will be saved annually Europe-wide. Besides the direct ecological benefit, this saving will lead to an overall saving of 36 million ECU annually, based on an average cotton price of 1,89 ECU per kg.

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