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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Development of a new concept of machine tool for advanced hard gear finishing


The goal of this project is the development of a new concept of machine tool for advanced finishing of gears in the automotive and transmission industry. The main R&D objectives refer to the design and realisation of a prototype machine tool based on the shave-grinding technology for single step finishing of hardened gears. The finishing operation should yield a surface roughness Rz better than 3um combined with a favourable surface texture. Moreover, a material removal capability up to 60 um for geometrical corrections of the gear flank is planned . The machine tool concept will result from the following measures: - Improvement of the machine tool controller using fuzzy logic parameter settings and closed loop sensor strategies; - Extension of the controller by implementation of a kinematic link between workpiece and tool spindle; - Development of a new generation of shave-grinding rings adapted to the high requirements of gear finishing; - Design of adapted dressing tools for regeneration of shave-grinding rings; - Development of an adapted machining strategy according to the requirements of advanced gear manufacturing; - Establishment of environmental friendly cutting fluids for shave-grinding . A positive result would mean a breakthrough for this technology providing shorter cycle time and higher gear quality, i.e. noise generation and geometrical accuracy for industrial users and end users. Besides, parameters like efficiency and fuel economy are closely related to gear quality. The principle effect is the strengthening of the market position of the proposers in the short run. Additionally, a new European cost and quality standard that would overmatch Japanese and US standards may be introduced in the long run.

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