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Joining of fine ceramic to metal by laser brazing


The aim of this project is to develop production technology for the laser brazing of fine ceramic to metal, for applications in the electronics industry, avionics and aerospace, automotive industry, the chemical processing, the energy sector, materials processing and in the medical sector. The properties or combinations of properties that generaUy lead to the selection of fine ceramics also render them difficult to weld or braze. Clearly innovative new methods for welding and brazing fine ceramics to metals are needed. A relatively new joining technique for joining fine ceramics is laser brazing. Lasers provide high-intensity, controllable sources of heat, making it possible to very locally heat the joint section, causing minirnal damage to the base materials. There is a need for research to improve the understanding of the-processes involved when laser brazing metal to fine ceramic. An experimental program is foreseen. A number of metals and fine cerarnics, with the purpose to braze metal to fine ceramic material, will be selected. Brazing parameters will be experimentaUy optimized. Information assessed in the experiments will be used to produce prototype products where laser brazing is used to join fine ceramic to metal. The performance of laser brazed prototype products will be tested by performance tests depending on the application of the product in practice. The technical feasibility study will be followed by an economic evaluation of the process. The market for fine ceramic materials is still a growing market within the EC. The development of a dependable laser brazing process for fine ceramic to a metal construction or part will increase the use of fine ceramics in the EC and will reduce the gap between the EC on one side and Japan and the US on the other side. The full potential of fine ceramics can than be used. By using laser brazing a decrease in cost of 61 MECU is anticipated for SME's within the EC.

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