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Integrated chassis-body concept for low production volume of vehicle


The objective of the project is to develop a profitable vehicle production withthe capacity of return on investment at low manufacturing volumes (from 10 to lO.OOO units per year). To reach this objective, the project proposes to developa new chassis made from a stuck aluminium structure: 1. to support all thevehicle sub-systems such as internal and external plastic parts (acrylonitrile based copolymers like ABS or else), motors (thermic, natural gas or electric), suspensions, etc. 2. as a fu!l element of style. The research will focus on thedevelopment of economic, flexible, efficient and quality production withmaximum use of standardised and pre-manufactured sub-systems in order torequire low cost tooling and low skilled workers. The project concernsdifferent technical areas such as structure calculation, extruded aluminiumbeam, plastic, assembly, adhesive bonding and system integration.


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