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Ship's operational efficiency improvement by the installation of a bow's hydrodynamic duct system


The proposed research project refers to the technical field of shipbuilding and in particular to the means and methods for improving the flow characteristics of sallg vessels. Specifically It refers to the elaboration of a new technological system. In order to save energy of a ship estimated ca. 10-15 %. This energy saving system is a bow's hydrodinamic duct, that is fitted at the bow of a ship and on both sides of Its frontal surface extending to height above and beneath the ship's waterline for ballast and full loaded conditions. The aim of this new technology is the increase of the ship's speed for the same fuel consumption or the fuel's consumption decrease for the same speed. This is obtained by decreasing the wave making resistance which caused during ship's movement. The scientific and technical objective of this research proposal is to find out the best shape and arrangement of the hydrodinamic duct, were the preferred shape Is that of an hydrofoll. The project Involves the construction of ship's and duct's models, the execution of tank tests and finally the construction of a prototype duct for the demostration of new technological application for several types of vessels.

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