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New thermochemical treatment using pressure support to increase lifetime and reliability of forming tools and mechanical components


It is proposed to develop new high pressure nitriding process which, compared to other nitriding methods, has the following advantages: - The rapid depassivation of the surface causes a quicker build-up of a enclosed nitride layer and thus it shortens treating time. - High alloyed and titanium materials can also be easily nitrided. - The precleaning of the parts can be limited to a minimum. - The results are not geometry-related. - A specific layer structure is possible by optimising of the process. - High repeatability of results. The objectives of this project are: -To develop a new high pressure nitriding process to increase lifetime and reliability of steels parts (forming and cutting tools, injection moulds and mechanical elements), usually nitrided by conventional techniques, increasing lifetime a 30% at least and reducing process time by a quarter against the conventional atmospheric gas nitriding. - To carry out a correct nitriding of parts and materials which cannot be nitrided by conventional techniques. namely injection nozzles and parts made of titanium alloys ( medical implants, aeronautic and bicycle parts) - To verify the technical feasibility of this new technology and to develop a new surface treatment process able to be exploited industrially. - To understand, in a general sense. the correlationship betveen the parameters of the process (gases, pressure, temperature, time) and the metallurgical, mechanical and tribological characteristics of the treated substrate.


S/n,c/ Aitzkorri
20230 Legazpia