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Integrated design and production of advanced salls


Presently sails are designed semi-empirically mostly because there are no reliable and accurate numerical algorithms able to simulate their stuctural benavior. This lack constrains the development of innovative and optimized solutions. The objective of this project is to develop a cornputer aided system to efficiently design and manufacture advanced seamless nonflat sails (made of fiber-reinforced composite materials) in an integrated way. The project will consist of 4 stages: Development of a numerical model to simulate the nonlinear coupled structural behavior of the sail-boat-sea system. Some experiments to verify the accuracy and reliability of the model will be carried out. Construction of a prototype of the automated production system for the sails. The more important parts will be the adaptive mould and the cables tender. Implementation of the numerical model in this manufacturing complex. . Design, production and testing of some prototype sails using this prototype production assemblage. The total duration of the project is 24 months. The two first stages will develop simustaneously lasting 18 months, affer their completion the third and fourth ones are consecutive, their duration being 3 months each.

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Toni Tio Velas SA
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