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European concrete pavement for recycling


Every year in Europe enormous amounts of building waste are created. Each year in Germany alone, more than 100 mio. tons are produced. The main probtem in the recycling of building waste is. that building waste covers a very compticated mix of concrete, tiles, melals, wood, piastic, tar, glass, bitumen, paper etc. To this fact, it should be added, that the differen! fractions do contain variable amounts of compounds, whish are detrimental to the environment. The present group of applicants (from four countries) are all SME s in the concrete block pavement industry. It is the intention of the group to make a major contribution to the recycling of building waste by developing: 1. A sealing system, which can guarantee a water tight seal in the concrete block pavement system thus eliminating eluations of harmful substances by rainwater in the load bearing layers under the pavement. If such a system could be developed, building waste could also be deposited under concrete block pavement surfaces. 2. A pan-European documentation for compliance ol the developed system with all EU and national regulations relating to recycling and environmental issues. The developed system will be demonstrated at four pilot sites in the four different countries of the participating SME 's. The SME group have no R&D facilities of their own and has hence incorporated a University and a Research Institute in order to assure the necessary R&D capabilities and know-how on regulatory issues. The proposed project is in conformrty with the Brite-Euram programme, action lines 2.1.1.S 2.4.1.L 2.4.1.M and 2.4.3.L

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