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Centrifugal bimetallic casting of steel alloys and copper alloys in a continuous process to form bearing-bushes for the ship building, machinery and lifting industry


The product lifetime of copper alloy bearingbushes used for heavy duty applications is short. The strength of the copper bushes is not high enough. This problem can be solved by using a bimetalbush, constructed from a steel and copper alloy. If the materials are casted one after the other, the materials bond by diffusion bonding. The advantages are the conductive quality of the copper alloy and the strength of the steel alloy. The problems that have to be solved,are the oxidation of the steel alloy during the casting process and the different material properties of the alloys during the cooling phase. Research is required to solve-the problems and to determine the exact conditions under which 'diffusion 'b'onding 'will take place. ' Succesfull application of this technology will reduce productiontime with 50%, the use of copper -a-lloy with 50% (1.2 Mkg) and lower productcosts with 25%. The lifetime of the product will double.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Metagis BV
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