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Low-cost sensor system for the fast sensor-assisted inspection of textiles


The quality of textile products has an increasing importance for the market position of the European textile industry. Up to the present time, the final inspection of high quality textiles is executed visually at low transportation speeds in the vast majority of enterprises. The employment of a number of inspection units forms a prominent cost factor in the postly SME-sized European textile industry, but promotes non- or misdetection, which is enhanced by the high peronal strain. Modern, fully-automatic inspection systems have not found application due to high investment costs and lack of versatility. On the other hand an economic margin is to be expected, if a suitable (low-cost) sensing system would be employed to aid fault detection. In this concept classification, judging or where possible mending of detected irregularities could be left to proven manual methods and experienced personel. On this background it is the objective of the proposed project to develop a low-cost sensor system for the fast, sensor-assisted-inspection of textile and other textured a real goods over the full width of the textile with an emphasis on the detection of geometric defects. A potential sensor technology is seen in the optical profilometry based on a modern development of fibre-optical multisensor line detectors. Present knowledge indicates that fault detection (fail/pass) should be possible with a small amount of data evaluation and at high speeds. It is an important aspect of the proposed development to integrate the whole system in a bar-type construction, which could easily be fitted to existing machinery.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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