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Generateurs de gaz pour application de pressurisation. Dimensionnement, modelisation et essais d'un systeme generateur de gaz pyrotechnique pour extincteurs


The research purpose of this proposal is to dimension, modelize and test a gas generator system (based on propergol) which will be integrated into a new extinguishers generation. The Belgian company DELTA, leader of this project, manufactures extinguishers since 1968, with a current production of about 1.000.000 of exemplaries per year. DELTA joins with EUROFEU and SNPE to lead the research and development program. EUROFEU is a French extinguishers manufacturer and SNPE a specialist in gas generator systems design. The new extinguishers should be characterized by: = higher compacity, security and efficiency (up to 35°c) = better protection of environment. The potential market represents about 1.000.000 extinguishers per year. Moreover, gas generator systems should be used in other pressurization applications, for instance induced by a rise of temperature and pressure. The research program CRAFT should allow to explore several opportunities of applications, as security valves.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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1070 Bruxelles