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Research & development for the creation of a new system of spheric structural bearings to avoid the impact of importan horizontal forces problems on transport infractructures


The main goal of this project is to create a system of structural bearings with new mechanical characteristics to solve the problem of transmitting high horizontal forces (such as braking for trains or seismic vibrations) on construction infrastructures (such as piles of bridges) . The idea is to share these horizontal forces evenly through a specific system Of bearings in stead of concentrating these forces on one unique bearing . This research would help to preserve the construction infrastructures of deflections or torsion caused by these important (hundreds of tons) forces . The research would include the study of specific brake springs with controlled stiffness and of specific components . This new bearing system would replace unskilled existing technologies (each bearing is dimensioned to receive the total force) and provide the possibility of creating new type of bearings with evident economical and safety profits . The SME proposers - manufacturers of structural bearings, aseisrnic devices, expansion joints, - would be interested to contribute to this project and work with RTDs dedicated to studv and specifications of the prototype of bearing, performing tests of this prototypes, and study of new material (teflon, carbon. titanium. rubber ) .


CIPEC s.a.
38,Rue De Paris
78610 Le Perray En Yvelines

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Societa Officine MetalMeccaniche Aprilia Srl
Via Nettunense
04011 Aprilia Latina