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High wear and strength components of Aluminium-TIC (ALTIC) by conventional diecasting


The use of reinforced aluminium alloys has not been as widespread as expected from their properties. The good properties and cost of materials have been attractive to automobile manufacturers but conventional production processes of these materials have not been tested widely enough. This project has the aim of using a new metal matrix composite manufactured by Self propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS) that has high volume fractions of TiC particles. SHS lowers material costs, enhances castability and improves wear and strength properties. An existing prototype AI-TiC composite will be tested using gravity die casting and High Pressure diecasting. The project will test different compositions of the alloy to establish its ease of use by conventional foundry processing. It is expected to prove that the wear properties will improve significantly over conventional alloys.


Nottingham Aluminium Co. Ltd.
Unit 7,Ruddington Lane Unit 7
NG11 7EP Wilford
United Kingdom

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Componentes Vilanova S.L.
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