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Computer-controlled exposure of UV-sensitive printing media using digital mirror devices (DMD)


The main objective of the proposed project is the developement of a computerto plate (CTP) system based on digital mirror devices (DMD) and UV light exposure (laboratory prototype and best practice demonstration). The proposed methode could reduce the exposure time to 1/5 of the state-of-the-art and at the same time, it could double the resolution. Furthermore, the adabtability and the access time from the computer to the printed media will be improved. Printed matter will get by this fact a new lifecycle into the multimedia information society. Close collaboration between suppliers (plates, electronics, objectives, lamps and microdevices), manufacturers (CTP producers) and users (printing and editing companies) as well as R&D providers will be established and technologie tranfer towards and between SME's will take place. After finishing the R&D project the proposers will develop a new product based on the performed work in order to defence or extent their part of the market (european companies cover only 30% of the european market).

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basysPrint GmbH, systeme für die Druckindustrie
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