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A flexible production system for customized windows and doors


The technical and scientific objectives are to: develop a prototype of an integrated, automated, highly flexible production system for semifinished parts to be used in windows and doors, produced in very small batches or as customized one-of-a-kind products. develop on scanning, vision system and control software which can handle every single piece of wood entering the production by identifying and controling in a way that its position and orientation is known by the control system during all steps of the process. develop a computer algorithms for sorting and mechanical devices for handling, storing and transportation so the pre-cut blanks are sorted according to their lengths and stored internally in the system in a buffer prior to transfer to the moulding machine. One production batch has approx. 800 individual pieces. develop the architecture and suitable interfaces with existing software programs. The aim is an integration of CAD design, order handling, production and stock control and machine tool control to facilitate minimum lead time and maximum productivity, even with extremely small order sizes.


6100 Haderslev

Participants (1)

Evert Johansson AB

543 22 Tibro