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Development and modernisation of the wind supply systems of pipe organs


The manufacturing of pipe organs is a traditional European industrial sector. Hundreds of SMEs exist in the EU countries, which build new, high quality pipe organs for churches, concert halls, music schools, high schools ant for private customers. As the final quality of the sound also depends on the acoustic properties of the environment, the pipe organ must be designed and adjusted to the specific requirements of the room, in which it will be placed. As every instrument is an individual construction, no mass production is possible. The traditional planning and fabrication methods of pipe organs are expensive and time consuming, and moreover, the risk of failure is quite large. As the main factor influencing the competitiveness of the pipe organs is the quality, failures must be corrected before the pipe organ is delivered. This correction inreases the production time and therefore the cost of the organ. A single bad product can reduce the amount of orders for years even for well-known companies. Therefore, the introduction of new technologies is very necessary. The most critical part of the pipe organ is the wind system. The ultimate goal of the intended research is to modernise the construction of the wind system in order to reduce the failure rate. The main research tasks are as follows: development of a computer-aided planning method for faster and safer planning of the wind supply, including the calculation of wind consumption, the dimensioning of wind trunks, compartments, valves, etc. development of a control system based on high-tech sensors and controllers As the result of the intended research, an experimental wind system will be built and tested both in the laboratory and in the practice. The electronic control unit will be a desktop circuit. Therefore, further development would be needed after the end of the project in order to produce a prototype, which would be suitable for production. The intended RTD project would result in product innovation through higher quality and reliability, which will entail an important competitive advantage for the participating SMEs.


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