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Parallelism control or rolls by a gyroscope based system


The parallelism of rolls is a key point for the productivity of processing lines for paper, aluminium, plastic, steel, etc. in the form of a strip. Indeed, a strict parallelism is essential for a safe guiding of the material through the machines and/or for keeping its flatness. That's why regular maintenance for the control of parallelism is scheduled. But, till now this operation is very time consuming, tedious and expensive. Research is required to develop a new tool for the parallelism control in industrial processing lines of different sectors (paper, steel, aluminium, etc.) answering to the following specifications: - angular accuracy; 0.05 to 0.1mm/m of roll length (104radians) - compatible with difficult access - compatible with harsh environmental conditions - fast operation; no more than 5 minutes for the parallelism measurement per roll - easy to use: battery powered mobile sensor - small size(+ 200 x 200 x 200 mm3) and light (about 4 kg} From the technical and economical point of view, the following benefits are expected: - easier guiding and increasing the reliability of processing lines, - rapid diagnostic in case of problem - faster and more efficient maintenance - reduction of the down times - reduction of the risk of breakage of the web - reduction of down-gradings and more consistent shape quality of processed material - possibility to process a wider range of products.

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EAW - Exploratory awards


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