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Dc-tm dry cleaning transfer matic


Design of automatic machine for Dry Cleaning garments, degeasing hides in tanneries, degreasing light mechanical parts for industry : Machine for "CONTINUOS" functioning and productionabtained with the Transfer-Matic automatic transfer. The garments to be treated are hung up and are cleaned and:or degeased in the first chamber and dried in the next two chamber with recovery of the solvent vpours. This project totally eliminates the need for centrifugal "spinning", present in normal machineson all the markers. The advantages guaranteed by new projet are as follows: a) large production up to 4 (four) times higher that normal machine with the same capacity :b) absolute hygiene especially in the treatment of the garments, which since they are "hung-up" in the machine do not come into contact with one another: c) garment cleaning and hide degreasing, with the "hanging" system which avoid the creation of foldes and creases that today require so much labour for ironing and eliminating damage to the fabric and skins. These machine can create "SuperLaboratorries' able to satisfy the demand of many stares which will merely handle the reception and return of the items. It will be possible to eliminate the small, highly polluting grom the cities.

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Unimatik Srl
Via piovola 138
50053 Empoli

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