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Research and development of a new concept of mass production low tension connectors with new self stripping and permanent high compression technology


The main goal of this prcgect is to create new products in the field of low tension connections wi th self stripping technology for mass use and study and test of material in insulating technology (rubber, polycarbonats, PVC, thermo hardeners and thermoplastics) and using permanent high compression technology only used actually for telecommunications The aim of the research prqect is to develop moulds and prototypes of this new product and test it for its best economical and technical definition and then, try to specify the necessary machine for, after the research, manufacture this equipment and process lines to be able to develop a future industrialization first on a professionnal market and then for the general Public The interest of such a research is to create a new product replacing old technologies with screws, crimp connections or brazing for security, ergonornic, insularion, reliability and performance purposes The SME proposers - manufacturers of electronic and electrical components and producing equipments for energy (piles, batteries) and of of automatismand electronic tools - would be interested to contribute to this project and work with RTDs dedicated to research on insulating materials, study and specifications of the prototype, performing tests of this prototype, and study of the specifications of manufacturing equipment and process line


Electronic & Technology s.a.r.l.
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Kontek Srl
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