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Development of a flexible building system with integrated services


The objective of this project is to develop a building system for both the housing and commercial market. Many building systems are already available worldwide, using frames (timber, steel, concrete, etcetera) and of course the more traditional block and brick and cast-concrete structures. What the systems mentioned have in common, is the focus on the structural elements of the construction and the lack of a good solution for the services. The ventilation of homes is in general not very efficient, also because of the fear to increase heating costs. A result is a bad climate, moisture problems, etcetera. The 'A+ system' is the improved version of the ISB-concept, which was developed as a prototype at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Both systems are developed to solve the 'conflict' between the constructive elements and installations/services in a building. Only through this approach an industrial building system with a high degree of flexibility can be realised. The combination of the A+ and Pluggit system can provide a building system at lower costs and better quality (energy saving, indoor climate, noise control) and the possibility to extend the lifetime of buildings : - 20% cost reduction compared to traditional systems (present standard); - at least doubling lifetime; - maintaining the traditional look of a building.


PreFab Limburg B.V.
6041 GK Roermond

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Pluggit AB
294 23 Sölvesborg