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A new generation of head protection systems for fire fighting and related activitiesz with improved ergonomics and protection, lighter in weight and suitable for integration of new technologies in the fields of information systems, communic


Based on experience gained in Europe over the last ten years using existing fire-fighting helmets and masks, the Fire brigades has expressed the need for a new Head Protection Systems. There are in Europe two million fire fighters, each year many accidents occur with 0,5% daily accidents. The fire-fighting helmets currently on the market date from approx. 1985. Although they are individual products, both helmet and mask can be used in conjunction with each other. The main problems that have arisen are discomfort during use, difficulty in obtaining the correct individual sizes and use of the helmet in conjunction with advanced communication equipment, positioning equipment based on global positioning systems (GPS) and other peripheral equipment . Another factor requiring attention concerns the circumstances under which the product is used. These are country-specific, which means that there are many individual demands and requirements to take care of. This Head Protection System will have to be used in combination with the following equipment : - Basic peripheral equipment: all components currently available in conjunction with head protection systems and regarded by the fire brigades as indispensable basic equipment, such as respiration mask, heat-reflecting visor, safety goggles, reflective strip, helmet lamp, etc... -Optional equipment: all components that the fire brigade can use as additional aids, such as communication aids, equipment from related technologies that could be combined with head protection systems to enhance the safety of fire-fighters in the performance of their job (equipment that is not yet available like head-up displays, position detection systems, equipment for detection and sending of`information on the physical situation of the fireman, etc.).

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