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Foundry engineer's workbench for computer simulation of the rigging and casting of components


The scientific & technical objectives of this research proposal concern the creation and application of a novel foundry engineer designers workbench to handle geometry reception, CAD data repair, upgrade, transformation and export; to simplify the creation and addition of runners, risers, chills, local insulation and exothermics; to set up and manage the analysis of the casting using a selection from a library of casting simulation modules; to provide the required post processing and analysis. The graphical users interface will be tailored to the needs of the foundry engineer. Attention will be given to the need to greatly simplify the regeneration of 3D models, from 2D three orthographic view data, that are necessary for good simulation. Research is required to enable the seamless integration of existing analysis modules into an easy to use framework for the production and manufacture of alloy castings and will require investigation of the automation and degree of operator interactivity necessary to achieve the above objectives. An essential part of the project will be the analysis of selected industrial problem castings, the definition of improved processes and the testing of the proposed solutions by SME proposer made castings under controlled conditions and the analysis of the results. Problems of ease of use by a foundry engineer will be addressed and how the model output could be linked into existing costing and scheduling models will also be addressed.


P.I. Castings L.T.D.
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WA4 5DS Altrincham - Cheshire
United Kingdom

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