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A method and a database to adapt metal finishing to the environmental challenge


Previous research to reduce the environmental impacts of metal fi has focused on waste water treatment and integration of the recycling of metals, chemicals and water into the surface treatment process. However, metal finishing has an impact on the environment in all steps through the life cycle of surface treated product; use of natural resources, manufacturing of chemicals, transports, usage of products (by the end-user), recycling and waste handling of surface treated products. A user-friendly tool to compare the total environmental impact during the whole life cycle of applicable plating processes offers the opportunity for surface treatment subcontractors . to meet requirements from customers with a verifiable environmental profile . to give correct information about the environmental impact to the end-users . to contribute to the orientation towards more environmentally sustainable plating processes which will result in prolonged product life time, increased recycling of products, reduced waste volumes and decreased consumption of energy and material The project results will help the industry to meet challenge to offer the environmentally best alternatives for corrosion and wear protection, with an estimated market potential within the EU in the order of 500 billions ECU.


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