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A new coating process for piston rods for improved properties and decreased environmental impact


The goal of the project is to show that it is possible to produce by thermal spraying custom-designed coatings for piston rods with a coating material which is not classified carcinogenic. The coating must also show improved corrosion resistance, at least equal wear properties and be able to be produced at not higher total costs than of the proces used today which is hard chromium coating. There are lots of experiences of using hard chromium plating. It is done in high automated plants. In many cases the properties received are fulfilling the technical demands. A technical limitation is that there are difficulties to adapt the properties of the coating to special demands. In some cases the environment that the piston rods are exposed to (both corrosion and wear) is very demanding for example when used off shore and at mining. A coating method being able to produce custom-designed coatings will have competitive advantages for the future. The research will be focused on developing and testing candidate coatings, sprayed by HVOF, fulfilling the property profiles of piston rods used in different situation and on evaluating different automated or semi-automated production systems for a high-productivity and low-cost thermal spraying process.

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