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Electrically actuated motor thermostat device


The precise regulation of water coolant temperature in motor engines is important for efficient fuel consumption, reduction of harmful emissions and to reduce engine wear. Motor manufacturers are also demanding more complex and reliable performance criteria from thermostat devices and the objective of this project is to design and develop a thermostat device that will meet these higher standards that have not been possible with current commercially available technology. Shape Memory Alloys have the ability to change shape in response to temperature changes as a result of the materials transformation in its crystalline structure. Using this principle it is possible to develop a device made of shape memory alloy which is activated by the water coolant to open and close valves in the water coolant system. Furthermore because of the electrical resistance properties of shape memory alloys it is possible to develop a thermostat device that can be controlled electrically. In this way the proposers aim to develop a thermostat device that is actuated by the engine management system, where engine temperature can be controlled precisely under a variety of running conditions.

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