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Reconceive (remote computing network for concurrent engineering initiative from heterogeneous sources)


RECONCEIVE: Remote Computing Network for cConcurent Engineering InitiatiVE will constitue an SMEs contribution to tbe Aeronautical Concurrent Engineering endeavour submitted to the Aeronautical Task Force. The main goal of RECONCEIVE will be to set up European local Aeronautical Subcontractors << user group >> SMEs and to establish a link with major Aircraft Manufacturers in order to develop and experiment a remote computing network joining SMEs/Large Industrialists and Computing Centres. Such a network will give opportunity to SMEs to perform large and accurate design, then manufacturing and to major Aircraft Manufacturers to enrich their product data base model. An important part of the RECONCEIVE project will be dedicated at capturing SMEs needs and capabilities, then to discuss with major Aircraft Manufacturers and Computing Centres to create an efficient data interface.

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Simulog SA
Immeuble Innopolis
31314 Labege

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25,parc Scientifique Du Sart-tilman, Rue Des Chasseur
4031 Angleur

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