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Low energy heat engine by use of shape memory alloys as actuators


The projects has several goals. - The first is to develop an element from corrugated sheet of "Shape Memory Alloy" which can serve as an effective heat exchanger plate and being at the same time strong enough to serve as a loadbearing element for axial compression forces in the "plane" of the corrugated sheat. The second is to make an effective energy transformer actuator to be used in a heat engine - The third is to design build and test an effective heat engine which can effectively transform otherwise wasted excess heat into other forms of energy such as electricity Desk studies and literature research have indicated that such heat engine can produce "renewable" electricity at a price level far below the price of electricity produced by wind or solar energy or at the same level as the cheapest fossil fuelled electricity.

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Skipasmidastöd Thorgeir & Ellert HF
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