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Content archived on 2024-06-12

Development of new systems for a cost effective application of ADI, in SMES founderie


Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) is a special "Heat-treated" ductile iron which offers attractive combinations of mechanical and service properties (high strength ductility, wear resistance and toughness). In spite these remarkable properties, it exists a key area, which need to be tackled: the establishment of quality control procedures which guarantee the integrity of the final product. The application of Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) methods to guarantee that ADI components have consistent structure and properties should help the concerned SMEs foundries in the development of a new market for mass-produced ADI. Therefore in this project, NDE methods will be studied in details (Eddy current, resonant frequency, magnetic methods...) to characterize ADI structures; validation tests will be carried out to confirm the results of using combinations of these methods, mainly. The objectives of the project are (I) the implementation of a new technology for ADI control, based on NDE methods, (2) the development of ADI in large production volume, (3) the creation of new markets by the replacement of forged, case hardened steel, and (4) the markets extension, where improved component performance would be achieved by the replacement of existing (ductile) cast iron castings by austempered materials The interest of the project consists in three points mainly: 1. IndustriaJ interest: - Optimisation of the ADI structure and properties. - Development of new NDE methods for ADI control. 2. Economical interest: - Cost reduction (replacement of other materials), and development of new markets - Improvement of ADI product quality. 3. Environmental and social interest: - To increase the workers level (due to the implementation of advanced testing methods.) - To improve the effective quality assurance systeme in ADI production.

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