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Salùon skin tanning


Annually, (only in Spain) are wasted more than 300 Tons of salmon skin, as a result of the transformation process of this kind of fish, for the human consumption. In the other hand, the high scale of the leather goods finds that: 1. The raw material is limited with a high and unstable price, because of the fact that a main percentage has to be imported from not European Union's countries. 2. Some leather is obtained from animals protected or in extinction risk. The salmon skin, properly pickle, could be used as a raw material for some scales of leather goods, just like other reptile skins, as the crocodile or the snake. There exists similar products made with other fish's skin, but salmon skin has better attributes to be used as raw materials, like: 1. The size of the salmon piece of skin is bigger and thicker and its flexibility is excellent. 2. Salmon skin is easily obtained because it grows up into fish-factories and its destination is \ food industry. Other fishes don't use to be transformed by industry, so it's more difficult to recover its skin as a raw material.


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