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Development of a shoe last with interchangeable toe manufacturing system


The manufacturing of shoe lasts is one of the most important phases in footwear industry. Footwear manufacturers need to store a great amount of different lasts in order to manufacture the wide range of lasts to match the fashion needs. However it has been demonstrated that the only change of a single part, the toe, (remaining unchanged the rest of the last) is enough to fit fashion requirements. The objective of this project would be the development of an innovative last designing and manufacturing system for lasts with interchangeable toe. This system will reduce the stock of lasts needed by the footwear industry. Fashion requirements will be accomplished changing only the last's toe, allowing the standardisation of the rest. This system will increase direct costs savings as a result of labour costs (reduction of last's design time) and materials (reduction of lasts stock) so that improving competitiveness of SMEs from the footwear industrial sector.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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Participants (1)

Ioannou Bross Ltd
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