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New organic based ecological surface conversion treatment for general galvanizing


Eurozinco SpA in Italy and Procoat S.L. in Spain, have recently identified a market opportunity within home and export markets for increasing the use of painted galvanised parts selling to small end-users and to the do-it-yourself market galvanised parts pre-protected during production and ready to be over-painted, i.e. using: a chromium-free passivation/conversion solution; a treatment not producing vapours or moist dangerous for the working environment; a treatment whose maintenance and the eventual disposal of solutions (exhausts and water rinsing) is easy and at low cost. Based on some promising preliminary results, the objective of this project is to develop for HDG (Hot-Dip Galvanised) steel, a passivation solution formula no-rinse, ecological forming a very thin organic film over the galvanised part and being easily paintable either in the galvanising plant either for field constructions. In other words this treatment: 1. should be a simplification of the surface conversion treatment of galvanised parts before painting; 2 should have an improved paint adhesion toward paints and allow a greater number of paint types to be used; 3. should dramatically reduce the so-called ecological impact and the plant dimensions 4. should be in any case a cost reduction of the conventional processes; should have a better corrosion resistance against white-rust occurring in storage and transportation.

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