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Design et realisation de structures de protection dans les secteurs a risques


In the field of bank offices protection, protective panels are generally well designed to resist individually to different types of aggressions. The weakest point of the complete structures lies in the junction between the armoured panels. Moreover, if the goal is to resist to increasing threats, the resultant increase of panel's weight leads also to technological limits. Consideration has also to be devoted to the fact that customising of the premises dedicated to financial operations becomes a growing requirement. The goal of this research is mainly to define, analyse and test on prototypes new concepts of multi material panels, panels junctions and construction kits for the renovation of existing or new bank offices, with the fulfilment of security rules and requirements. An innovative aspect to this project is the inclusion of "smart materials" (with optical fibre sensors) to increase the intrinsic security of the panels when the premises are freely accessible.

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