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Ceramics for improved industrial furnaces


The endurance of parts of industrial furnaces and other thermal aggregates can be increased significantly bye using novel ceramic materials. The primary result of increased endurance of parts and the complete furnaces will be considerable energy savings. The aim of the future CRAFT project will be to identify the appropriate material, to solve technical problems (e.g. by developing joining techniques) and to develop and test a prototype. With the research are connected works to improve the characteristics of the selected materials and to develop novel, inexpensive materials if required. The development of material joining techniques is to see as a particularly focal point. These joining techniques should realise the connection of ceramics and metallic parts in an easy kind. The requirement for the use of ceramic materials in the above mentioned industrial fields will be created in this way. A recuperative burner (small output) is to develop and to test for a first case of reference. This burner should consist of a possibly large number of ceramic parts. Energy savings should be quantified for this first case. The potential for cutting the overall life cycle costs bv approximate 20% should be demonstrated to be possible.

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