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Development of a lightweight shock absorbant component made of a metallic hollow spheres structure for the transport industry


Today, in the transport industry, the challenge is to be competitive on all the aspects of the product: cost, reliability, energy saving, safety and environment. As far as the materials are concerned, the main difficulty is to come up with a lightweight shock absorbant product which will optimise both the passengers safety and the energy saving. The metallic hollow spheres hexagonal stacking structure will highly contribute to reach these objectives. Research is necessary to develop the best structure configuration as a function of the different parameters: the size and wall thickness of the spheres, the modules' coating metal types and the structure binding types. The result research will be validated on laboratory samples first, then on demonstration items from the aircraft and car industries.


Mecaprotec Industrie
34,Boulevard Joffrery
31607 Muret

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Simbi SpA
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