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Improvement of the quality of the wastewater in the operations of degreazing and de-oiling in textile finishing by the installation of an on-line control and regulation system


Textile matter preparation processes in particularly degreasing and de-oiling generate a lot of pollution which provides: - on the one hand from impurities contained in natural fibres (wool) or added on synthetic fibres (alone or mixed in knitted fabrics) for technical reasons; - on the other hand, chemicals and auxiliary products which allow to remove dirt on the fibre but they stay in a major part in the bath preparation. Nowadays these operations represent 30 to 60% of the overall pollution in a complete treatment (preparation, bleaching, dyeing...) and 20 to 50% of the amount of water required for removing dirt and various products. Two main aims are being pursued as part of the project: - implementation of an on-line control and regulation system to optimise these preparation operations and to decrease at short term applications which are made in an empirical way - improving results of treated articles and targeting environmental standards to perform quality of waste water (reduction of the amount of water used after these preparation operations, decreasing of quantities of textile auxiliary products).

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