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Container alarm identification and location system


Annually more than 6 million different standard sized containers from European companies are used to transport world-wide, all kind of goods by truck, train, aeroplane and ship or they are used as storage accommodation. Unfortunately a substantial amount of the containers is forced open, stolen or lost. The financial damage, which is caused by the disappearing of the containers or its contents, runs into millions of ECUs. Apart from surveillance by guards, the only security of the containers against burglary or theft is a mechanical lock fitted on the container-door. The construction of the locks varies from a simple padlock to a more sturdy container-lock. Also complete containers are moved to quiet places when they cannot be opened at the spot. The demand for an innovative container-lock, which is not only very difficult to crack but also gives real-time information about the container to a control-station by an alarm and positioning system, leads to the main objective of the project: The development of such a container-lock The innovative container-lock will be welcomed enthusiastically by insurance companies and owners of the containers and goods. It also will have a positive impact on the insurance-premium for transportation by container, as burglary and theft of containers will be reduced considerably. Several problems have to be solved before existing technologies, which have never been applied in container-locks before, such as GPS and GSM, can be used. Also divers electrical sensors (vibration, pressure and heat) have to be modified before they can be used in the development of such a container-lock.


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