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Development of technologies for new metal applications optimizing the use of induction heating systems


The objective is to develop technologies that will enable the industry to exploit the full potential of induction heating systems. This will be the basis of a new type of product that will give the consumer improved performance independent on choice of heating system. The industrial objectives of this project are to develop material-technologies for applying an optimal magnetic base to aluminium to create a new generation of cookware that can be used efficiently on induction as well as other heating-systems. This development will have a positive environmental impact due to 1 ) Potential savings of energy and 2) The base will be developed and applied on recycled materials. The technical objectives will be to: develop a special combination of materials that optimise the energy-efficiency on induction heating systems and . develop a process-technology for applying these magnetic bases to aluminium. Research concerning choice of material thickness, welding, calibration etc. is important due to the fact that the materials used on induction heating is affected by heavy stress caused by continuous heating and cooling. The results is expected to be a unique combination of a high quality, long lasting, low weight, highly energy efficient base and the technology for applying it to aluminium.

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Pyrolux Production AS
8550 Ryomgaard

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