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Rationalisation of design, production and assembly in the construction sector trough the development and implementation of an CAAD/CAMA system


The development of an open Computer Aided Architectural Design modelling system integrated with Computer Aided Manufacturing and Assembly system for SMEs is the aim of the research. Since in the architectural practice a lot of rather small scale offices will continue to elaborate architectural projects (in close collaboration with a wide variety of clients) using different software tools on different platforms, a definition of a neutral model is needed. The basic concepts for this model are the following ones: walls, floors and roofs are represented by planes (the features) attributes are linked to the features (thickness, position vis a vis other features...) connections between walls, floors and roofs are specified openings are linked to walls, floors and roofs Starting from (2D) architectural drawings the system should allow to generate easily a 3D feature model. Full automatic generation will only be possible if certain structure can be imposed on the designers modelling tool. Based on the feature-model all the information can be processed automatically by different suppliers technical detailing, cost estimation, planning and scheduling, steering of NC- machines, administration, . . . Feedback from production and construction to design will be feasible within acceptable delays.


Kalkzandsteenfabriek Hoogdonk BV
5757 PJ Liessel

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Trilco NV
2620 Hemiksem