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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Development of a prototype for textile dry-cleaning, metal degreasing and precision cleaning by using carbon dioxide as cleaning solvent


There is no suitable alternative for cleaning of textiles, degreasing ' metal, precision cleaning of metal and electronic components by using solvents as CFK 113 and/-or 1.1.1. tri. These solvents are forbidden (Montreal protocol). Solvents as HCFK's, HFE's and HFK's are also outfased and/or will be forbidden in the future, because they are also harmful for the environment. At the same time known solvents as PER or hydrocarbons, or technologies as watercleaning are not suitable, because they have (environmental),technical and business economic disadvantages. The main objective of this research project is to develop a prototype for textile cleaning, degreasing metal and precision cleaning, in which Carbon Dioxide is used as cleaning solvent. The prototype is necessary to determine the exact conditions under which cleaning is possible and takes place optimal. The prototype gives also know how for the business economic feasibility. Successful development of this technology means the elimination of environmental polluted solvents by using a natural solvent, lower health risks for operating personal and neighbouring people and also an decrease in cost price of 15%.

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