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Application of layer-by-layer laser sintering processes for small series tools in the plastics processing industry


Fast model changes an the continuously increasing demands on the products urgently require new concepts for the follow-up technology of rapid prototyping, namely rapid tooling. This method allows the early production of small series using series material in a conventional injection molding machine. Even faster results could be achieved by applying the new layer-by-layer laser sintering technology for metals. It is the aim of this project to determine, whether the new layer-forming laser sintering technology for metals can also be applied in the plastics industry. This includes different molding geometries and different kinds of plastic for the moldings, which are connected with the various infiltration agents for the sintered metal inserts. Since the sintered metal will never reach the strength and surface quality of conventionally produced contour inserts, it is infiltrated after the sintering. The influence of different infiltration agents on the strength and surface quality of sintered metal parts is to be studied in the course of this project. The possibilities of coating such sintered metal parts will also be included in the study. This study will examine the coating of sintered metal parts and determine its influence on strength, surface quality and life. The evaluation of the results and the aimed and purpose-adapted application would save the plastics industry enormous amounts of time and money during the development phase of a new product.

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