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Self-sustaining plant for urban waste recycling


The intended research project aims at developing a self-sustaining plant for urban waste recycling, powered by a small size pilot unit for energy production (about 2.5 MW) running on industrial solid fuel (RDF) obtained from the recycling of urban solid waste. As it will be the recycling plant itself to produce as by-product the RDF fuel, this will make it possible to: create a self-sustaining system, reducing even more the cost both of the RDF fuel and of the whole recycling treatment (presently energy cost is about 35 % of treatment costs). realise an energy generation prototype, whose outcome is exploitable in any possible industrial site where this kind of power is required. Production of ever better quality RDF from urban solid waste is possible by means of existing separation and recycling processes, through limited modifications to standard operation; this makes RDF solid fuel potentially available at lower cost, which could be reduced even more if the recycling plants themselves were powered by part of the fuel they produce. Two new factors like the availability of recycled RDF and of small size RDF based energy production units (not existing at the moment) make the system economically convenient and may lead to the use of these units in the wide range of small size applications now powered bv fossil fuels (environmental benefit). A research action is needed in order to further optimise recycled RDF and its combustion on small size units, enhancing chemical/phvsical characteristics of recycled RDF and solving related down-scaling effects.


Ecoltecnica Italiana SPA
Via Borgogna 5
20122 Milano

Participants (1)

Maschinenfabrik Lindner Gmbh
48,Villacher Strasse
9800 Spittal/drau