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Enhanced manufacturing systems for electro- welded wire mesh


The aim of the project is to develop a pilot unit able to produce automatically metal meshes to be used in the industry of precast structures; the meshes will be already equipped with all required gaps and holes (doors, windows...) and wires of different section will be automatically placed in different points of the mesh, according to the load to be borne. Such a system addresses a clear need of this industrial sector; characteristics of ease and speed construction and economical convenience of precast structures do not match the present production process of metal electro-welded mesh (used in reinforced concrete) presenting a very low level of automation and a bad use of raw materials. In fact, for use in precast structures metal meshes must be manufactured considering all possible final gaps and holes of the final element (doors, windows...) as well as different load conditions of wires placed in different critical points of the mesh. Instead, meshes are manufactured either completely manually, or, starting from standard meshes, required openings are made manually and additional wire is welded in critical points, with significant loss of time and generation of waste and scraps. A significant effort will be required for the development of such a system, considering the very high degree of automation which will be introduced and the complex manufacturing phase which must be automated.

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