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Multifunctional flax combine


The flax harvest knows traditionally four manipulations on the field. For each manipulation another machine is necessary: 1. To pull the flax out and lay it back down 2. To take the flax up and turn it over 180 degrees 3. To deseed the flax and turn it again over 180 degrees 4. To bail the flax On the one hand, the necessity and complexity of four different machines keeps too many agricultural firms from investing in flax growing. On the other hand, more and more flax is being used in the automotive sector, with Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi as pioneers. Goal of the project is: Construction of a multifunctional flax combine which incorporates: 1. A pulling tool (1St operation) 2. A turning tool (2nd operation) 3. A deseeding tool (3rd operation) In a second stage gradually raising the capacity per hectare of each tool.


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