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Dielectric heating to improve the deep-fry process


During the production of deep-fry snacks (fish sticks, meat rolls, nuts etc.) the products are heated in oil which was heated using gas. To meet a high throughput the oil-temperature is kept high which degenerates the oil rapidly creating carcinogenic substances. This again contaminates the snack products. A commercially exploited filter system developed by the prime proposer already cleans up most of the oil so it can be reused for heating. This proposal envisages the research and development of a novel dielectric heating technique which heats both the products and the oil at the same time and which in combination with the existing filter system improves the deep fry process in such a way that a higher snack throughput will be achieved with less energy consumption, in a smaller cabinet so it can be installed in cafeterias and the like and with an extended life-time of the oil used. Taste, flavour, appearance and transportability of the snacks will remain the same. Specific objectives are: - a reduction of the oil temperature with 40 degrees Celsius - Iife-time extension of the oil with a factor 5

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