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Recycling and valorisation of inox steel slags


The RTD project 'Recycling and valorisation of Inox Steel Slags (Stinox)' aims at the valorisation of inox steel slags that count for some 200.000 tons a year on the Belgian market or 35 % of the inox steel production. The SME TRC seeks for the valorisation of the inox steel slags in two ways. On the one hand the recuperation of particles of inox in the slag; on the other the use of the slag as aggregates for concrete and/or as a base material for cement. Techniques based on magnetic properties (SME Bakker Magnetics) density or sensor-techniques (technology-transfer) will be evaluated in order to identify a adequate technology (or combination) to separate 70 % of the inox available in the slags Another RTD goal is the outlining of an optimal processing (including pretreatment, crushing and seeving) of the slags in order to reduce cost of maintenance. Finally the project aims to guaranty the valorisation as aggregates or base material in respect of technical and also environmental requirements. This includes the evaluation of the technical and environmental feasibility and definition of necessary pretreatment, processing and application of the processed inox steel slags.


Trading and Recycling Company N.V.
25,Industriezone Schurhovenveld 38/32
3800 Sint-truiden

Participants (1)

Bakker Magnetics B.V.
1306,Sciencepark Eindhoven 5502
5692 EL Son